About AGA

About AGA

The Adaptive Golf Association was founded in 1995 to help individuals of any age, regardless of their physical, cognitive or sensory challenges, to find proper instruction and equipment in order to learn, play and enjoy the great game of golf. We strive to provide you the most relevant resources for coaching, adaptive equipment/training aids, course access and ultimately, a recurring community clinic to be a part of. We want to help you either find an existing program nearest you or learn how to get a program started with clinics for your community, as this game is meant to be enjoyed by anyone.

The Association is recognized within the golf and physical rehabilitation industries for having an expert team of highly experienced PGA/LPGA Members and Physical Therapist Professionals that conduct educational workshops on becoming trained adaptive golf coaches and mentors (PGA/LPGA Members, Physical/Occupational/Recreational Therapists to avid amateur players, adaptive players and military veterans that have a passion to help others enjoy the game). A priority of ours is to harness the interest and support for the development of more localized, recurring community adaptive golf programs. So if you’re interested about helping people of different abilities adapt to overcome obstacles and reach their potential through golf, contact us to learn more.

Since inception, we have been supported by volunteer board members, program volunteers, private donors, foundations, corporations and the Department of Veterans Affairs along with a dynamic team of award-winning PGA/LPGA Professionals and Physical Therapists from around the country. The Adaptive Golf Association has been noted as the worldwide authority on adaptive golf processes, having conducted thousands of combined clinics, events and coach-program development workshops for over two decades. Our name to fame has been in developing and sustaining the longest operating, Adaptive Golf programs in the U.S. with monthly community clinics in Atlanta, GA since 1995, weekly clinics in Sarasota, FL since 1997, and weekly in Tampa, FL since 2007 with the Tampa VA hospital to name a few.

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We pride ourselves on collaborating with other organizations across the country to develop these recurring, rehabilitative, life-enhancing #adaptivegolf opportunities.