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Support the Adaptive Golf Association today with a Tax deductible donation

The Adaptive Golf Association consists of a volunteer board with no salaried staff so more of what you donate directly supports the program needs for Veterans and individuals with disabilities.
Any support large or small we receive is extremely valuable to us, as every bit helps enable us to work without restraint to enhance more lives.

In order to continue such community golf programs, we rely on public assistance from individual, private donations to corporate sponsorships. With financial support we can continue to introduce our positive and impactful programs without interruption.

The demand for program development (or continuation of implemented 6-week “Get-Golf-Ready” clinics) throughout the country, to keep Veterans and others in recovery engaged, far outweighs the Adaptive Golf Association’s financial resources. The need exists now and with our experience and expertise serving these demographics, we require funding/partners whom would help enable us to make a difference through more programs.

Yes golf clinics are conducted here and there about the country but these are simply, “transactional” events, unless they are part of a recurring, consistent program with mentoring opportunities which creates “relationships,” the key to recovery…is together.

For more information please contact:

David Windsor, PGA / Director of Instruction, Programs

Phone: (941) 650-5750

Marc Timson, President / co-founder


Phone: (678) 361-0677