Mobility Golf

Mobility Golf
The mission of Mobility Golf is to increase opportunities for those who can’t walk, to play golf. The immediate problem is that only about 2% of the 16,000 golf courses in the U.S. provide accessible golf cars. In addition, there is no information source for a disabled golfer to find the few golf courses that currently are accessible.

Why Golf?
Anyone with a traumatic injury or a progressive disease who loses the ability to walk faces many obstacles which often include depression and being excluded from normal activities. Golf is one of the few sports that a person who can’t walk can play with friends and family and, as such, provides a re-entry to society, increases self esteem and demonstrates to the able-bodied world that a disabled person is “normal.”

How does a person who can’t walk play golf?
There are several manufacturers of accessible golf cars. These are one person, or single rider, golf cars with hand controls and a swivel seat. Many disabled golfers play from a seated position. Others, with enough leg strength, use an accessible golf car that has a seat that can be raised to put the golfer in a near standing position.

How many disabled persons could play if golf courses were accessible?
According to one study, there are 6.8 million Americans who use assistive devices to help them with mobility. A survey conducted by the Paralyzed Veterans of America indicated that 21% of its members would play golf if it were accessible. Clearly, there is a large potential population of disabled golfers.

Mobility Golf Advocacy
Mobility Golf will also provide advocacy assistance to people who are denied access to golf facilities; present position papers to governmental entities and key policy-makers; testify in public hearings; and coordinate activities with disability organizations and major golf organizations.