About Us

Welcome to Adaptive
Golf Association

The Adaptive Golf Association is a 501c3 non-profit organization (EIN 58-2617166) dedicated to providing individuals with physical/cognitive challenges with the needed resources to learn and enjoy the game of golf while utilizing the sport in their recovery. We specialize in training PGA/LPGA Professionals across the country as adaptive golf coaches as local resources for instruction, equipment and course access. Whether you are an adaptive athlete or simply one who believes that golf should be inclusive of everyone, we want you to join the Adaptive Golf Association.

The association’s goals are to:

- To provide a means for individuals with physical/cognitive challenges to learn, play
and and enjoy golf for a lifetime.

- Harness the interest and support for the growth and development of adaptive golf
programs nationally.

- Together we can make golf all-inclusive and ADA compliant. After all, what other
sport has a built-in handicap.

Life Through The Eyes Of
Posture, Grip & Alignment

This game has truly been a turning point in my life. I was in a very dark place when I first met David Windsor in Tampa a few years ago and the opportunity to see the meaning of life is not just being able to see but how to look at life through the eyes of posture, grip and alignment.

It's motivating to be able to bring something to a scramble now, starting to be that mystery veteran than can be dependable for the best ball from time to time and not be that sad face dude getting carried around for 18 holes waiting to get dumped.
Thank You Dave for everything that you and the Adaptive Golf Association have done and continue to do for me and so many around the country. I want you to know that what you are doing MATTERS!!!!